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I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Though luscious and unique, it is also big, curly, and tends to have a mind of its own. On some days I love how my hair looks, while on others, I want to hide (and of course, those tend to be the days of hot dates, important meetings, or significant picture events such as weddings). Up until a few months ago, I only trusted my hair to one stylist; sadly, due to personal issues, she left the area. Since then, I have yet to find someone who both understands and knows how to deal with my hair. I have been lost. But hope may be on the horizon for me: after last Thursday, Dennis Lee from Armondo Salon in Newport Beach may be the answer to the never ending battle with my hair. Now, I did not just decide to make this appointment without careful consideration, and even trepidation. After viewing his website ( I felt a bit doubtful. Anyone who calls himself a “Master Hair Stylist” better be good, but how often do we hear people claim to be a “master” or “the best” at something? I have heard this countless times at work, in relationships, even in the bedroom.

So again, I was not expecting much. The day of the appointment did not start well. My PMS was kicking in big time, so I felt unattractive. My hair was a mess, so I pulled it up into a messy ponytail. I woke up late, so I ended up late to my other job. Several colleagues asked me what was wrong. My trainer, who always makes me feel better, canceled on me (something that, in the two years of working out with him, he has never done. But his sister had a baby, so I guess I will excuse him). Needless to say, by the time I pulled up to the salon, my mood was far from pleasant. Luckily for me (and Dennis on this particular day), I felt immediately at ease once I walked into the salon. The receptionist was both friendly and affable, escorting me to the changing room, and then to Dennis’s chair.

After a warm hug, he inquired as to my concerns, and asked me what I wanted to be done (a major change from my last cut, as I showed up and was not asked for any input. It is MY hair! I want to at least tell a stylist what I desire.) Dennis listened. I told him I was open to anything (hey…after the day I had, I was indecisive and pissy...he could have shaved my head for all I cared). Final diagnosis: trim, color, and a few lowlights. Once he began working, I learned of his credentials. While he has been styling hair for over 14 years in the Orange County area at various high end salons, he practically grew up in the salon of his uncle, Allen Edwards.

Though the name may not sound familiar, Edwards was the creator of “The Farrah” (as in Farrah Fawcett). Dennis told me stories of sitting next to Cher and “young Heather Locklear” while waiting for haircuts in his uncle’s salon as a young boy. He worked with his uncle for nine years before venturing onto his own. Obviously, styling hair runs in the family. Yet Lee did not immediately take a liking to hair. He decided to (*gasp*) attend college. After earning his degree in art from San Diego State University, Lee decided to combine his passion for art and his love of hair, creating the stylist he is today. And yes, he is a hair artist.

When perusing the photos on his website, one can see the various styles he is capable of creating, including those for weddings, fashion shows, proms, even men. He has talent, but again, would it translate for my hair woes? Dennis Lee did not disappoint. He worked swiftly and quickly. I received his full attention for over three hours. He ensured that the color processing time was to the second by meticulously checking his watch. My favorite part, however, was the way he worked with his assistant, Candace. I was impressed with his teaching methods, and they worked well together. She is going to learn a lot from him, and she will make a fine stylist on her own someday. She gives a great hair wash too…I was in the bowl three times that day due to the various treatments I was receiving, and my head felt amazing after each shampoo. When he was done, I was blown away with my hair. For too long, it was nearly black, washing out my complexion, making me look older and tired. He lightened my hair to a rich brown with beautiful caramel highlights, softening my look. The cut was perfect for my face, and the blow-out was runway ready. I walked out of that salon a happier, more confident woman.

Will I go back? Well, I already have an appointment booked for the Brazilian Keratin Blowout next weekend, which he told me would be “life-changing.” I am both nervous and excited for this treatment. Overall, if you are looking for a new stylist, a new hairstyle, or an amazing updo for a particular event, Dennis Lee is definitely worth scheduling a consultation appointment. He is, indeed, a “Master Hair Stylist.
— Allison M. (Naked OC)

A Shear Genius: Dennis Lee is the go-to master designer and stylist in Southern California. Having worked in the art industry for 14 years, there is no doubt that Lee is an artist. He understands how hair works, down to each and every strand. His knowledge of texture, balance, color, and geometry is what keeps him in the top notches of the styling league.

Lee recently attended the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach and adopted some new collections for his styling portfolio. The new cuts for 2010 are very hot with lots of details and flow to them.

”Updo’s are ranging from wedding gorgeous to chic and trendy with paneling and separated colors that are stunning and also very creative,” comments Lee.

His styles for both women and men are fashionable, yet manageable. So, when searching for the finest set of shears and sophisticated color treatment, make your appointment with Dennis Lee.
— Style Tribe

Dennis Lee: Color, cut and style

As a busy entrepreneur and mom to three little ones, spare time is something I haven’t got much of. So when it comes to beauty, quick-n-easy are what it’s all about. Enter Dennis Lee, master stylist and colorist at Armando – A Joshua Christopher Salon. His keen eye for color, shape and texture, combined with his effervescent personality, are enough reasons to see him time and time again, but his quick speed makes him No. 1 on my list. From creating buttery soft color and precision cuts to giving the best blow dry around, he’s worth every penny – and then some.
— OC Metro

Recently we were introduced to the hair wonders of Dennis Lee, a master stylist at Armando Joshua Christopher in Newport Beach. He’s known for always being on the cutting edge of new styles, trends, and techniques. “Holy Hair God” is how he was described to us.

Maybe he was destined to become a hairstylist. His uncle, Allen Edwards, is internationally renowned celeb hairstylist. Lee has been a stylist for more than 15 years, known for his incredible cuts and colors with models, weddings and clients. He listens carefully and takes into account the lifestyles of his clients to come up with the perfect style.

And he’s offering hair promotions: with every third client sent in, you’ll receive a complimentary haircut; bring in a client on the same day as your appointment, you’ll both receive $25 off; bring in two clients and you’ll receive $75 off, and two friends receive $25 off.

And the Brazilian Keratin hair straightening treatment that receiving rave reviews is offered at $50 off first time clients. It’s the latest trend in straightening that uses a topical treatment rather than a chemical alteration of the hair, for minimal damage. Dennis Lee at Armando, a Joshua Christopher Salon. 980 W. Coast Highway, Suite 200 in Newport Beach. 949.548.9100.
— Daily Dose of OC